Vision & Mission


The Gambia’s environment and natural resources are sustainably managed for the benefit of all citizens in a coordinated manner


To ensure that Gambia’s environment and natural resources are sustainably managed and conserved for the benefit of all (including future generations), and to increase resilience to climate change.


MECCNAR Strategic Objectives

  1. Strategic Objective 1: Promote well-being of Gambians through socially responsive integrated environmental management
  2. Strategic Objective 2Strengthen evidence-based management of natural resources and ecosystems
  3. Strategic Objective 3: Address underline cause of biodiversity loss by establishing and strengthening a national system of protected areas (forest, wildlife sanctuaries, marine parks, and well capture zones)
  4. Strategic Objective 4: Strengthen institutional leadership capacities in strategic oversight of policy and program implementation
  5. Strategic Objective 5:Strengthen the institutional framework for environmental coordination and management at local and national levels
  6. Strategic Objective 6: Enhance stakeholder participation in natural resources management by promoting public private partnerships
  7. Strategic Objective 7: Mobilize sufficient financial resources for strategic plan implementation
  8. Strategic Objective 8: Implement programs and activities in partnership with other government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs), as well as civil society, the private sector, and international development partners.