Central Project Coordinating Unit

The Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources established a Central Projects Coordinating Unit (CPCU) in 2016. The Unit will strengthen the capacity of Ministry to effectively coordinate projects from the design phase to management and implementation thus ensures that projects and programs are sufficiently aligned with relevant sector policies.

Ministry recognized that projects and programs are often the mainstay for implementing policies. Therefore, the impact of these projects and programs on policies must explicitly be demonstrated in order to measure progress in the implementation of policies and for adequate reporting. 

 To achieve its mandate, this Ministry through the CPCU also needs to monitor and align impacts of activities and interventions of other government institutions, non-government organizations and civil society organizations on its policies. It is essential to determine the extent of the contribution of these institutions towards achieving Ministry’s mandate. The CPCU will therefore undertake portfolio management function for the environment and natural resources sectors. The Unit is expected to represent a major shift from project-based approach to programbased approach in the management and protection of environment and natural resource. This is necessary in order to sustain and build upon achievements and impacts in the sustainable management of environment, natural resources and climate change.

The portfolio management functions of the CPCU will hence involve the coordination, planning, management, design and monitoring of projects that are implemented by the technical departments and agency under the Ministry, while paying closer attention to impacts of projects under other institutions that are dealing with aspects related to environment, natural resources and climate change.  The CPCU will thus perform a project oversight function for all environment and climate change related projects within the country so as to ensure more holistic centralized coordination and gathering of information on projects and thereby assess impacts of these projects on Ministry mandate. The Unit will play a key role in resolving challenges faced at the respective Project Management Units (PMU). 

Presently, there are numerous projects being implemented by the different technical Departments under the Ministry and all of them have their unique implementation modalities, often dictated by their funding sources