The Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources(MECCNAR) serving as the lead institution. In discharging its mandate as the ministry for environment, climate change, and natural resources issues in the Gambia. MECCNAR is supported by line agencies and departments which includes the Department of Forestry(DOF) the Department of Parks and Wildlife(DPWM) and the National Environment Agency(NEA).

The Ministry of Environment works with other stakeholders such as Civil Society Organization CSOs, as well as development partners who make important contributions to the overall national efforts to protect and manage the environment and natural resources of the country.

The Ministry of Environment,  Climate Change and Natural Resources (MECCNAR) have the overall responsibility of overseeing and coordinating the development and implementation of policies and programs relevant to the environment, climate change, and natural resources management in the Gambia.

The Ministry of Environment has been working with various development partners which is enshrined with the National Development Plan (NDP) environment is one of the critical enablers for any development without environmental safeguards it will be difficult to sustain it over time. The Ministry is part of the key priorities of the NDP.