The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources Mr Alieu Njie has said that, the launching of the vaccination for small ruminants with technical support from our partners the Dept of Livestock through the OMVG Project started the first vaccination campaign at Kembujeh Village West Coast Region.

The Vaccination Campaign will cover 13 districts in the North Bank Region, the Lower River Region, and the West Coast Region of The Gambia. It will be conducted simultaneously by extension workers and livestock officers. The vaccination campaign is funded by the OMVG Project at the Ministry of Environment and implemented by the Dept of Livestock at the Ministry of Agriculture.

More than 19,500 small ruminants will be vaccinated to prevent the small ruminants outbreak disease called PPR. The PPR vaccines are very significant to prevent disease outbreaks and also enhanced the economic impact of livestock farmers and increasing food security, and income, to improve the livelihoods of individual farmers.

The event was attended by the Alkalo of Kembujeng Alagie Bojang while welcoming the delegates, he said we are glad to have our guests from Dakar when the OMVG Project started supporting our village, we have seen significant improvement, especially with electricity and bringing support to the livestock farmers through this vaccination campaign, the OMVG Project will support our community through livestock vaccines and small grants.

Mr. Ebrima Jallow President of the Livestock Farmers Association we are glad to be here for the launching of a vaccination campaign for livestock ruminant farmers. I urge every livestock farmer to be involved in this important vaccination campaign.

Most small ruminants have died due to PPR disease we want you to consider the feeding aspect especially access to clean water for the livestock. I urged farmers to bring the animals during the vaccination campaign.

The High Commissioner of OMVG Mr. Alagie Lansana Fofana speaking at the occasion said, his extending greetings to the Minister of Environment and His Excellency President Adama Barrow all the current development done here is a manifestation and commitment of the Gambian people including Farmers.

OMVG was created in 1978 by Former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara and am sending gratitude to all member states for the progress registered over the years. Since 2017 The Gambia assume leadership at the OMVG High Commission.

There has been significant improvement within the Energy Infrastructural Projects. This activity we are doing today is a component of the energy projects for all the member states. We will have fiber optic cable for telecommunications services for all the member states.

The project will also improve the livelihood of communities 19,500 livestock will be vaccinated nationwide. We are currently in the Gambia to monitor and know what is happening in the field.