It has come to the notice of the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Gambia Maritime Administration (GMA) and other key stakeholder institutions that an incidence of Heavy Fuel Oil spillage (HFO) occurred during a discharge operation from the vessel (MT FT STURLA) which was conducted between the hours of 02.30am and 03.30am on Saturday, 28th May, 2022.

Upon receipt of the information from various sources, the NEA, GMA and PURA sent personnel to confirm and further make an initial assessment of the situation. Through the coordination of PURA, an emergency meeting of stakeholders was held on Sunday 29th May, 2022 at 09.30am where the management of Gam Petroleum was summoned to explain the circumstances leading to the oil spill. During the briefing, stakeholders were informed that preliminary figures indicated that one thousand five hundred and one decimal three, three, four (1,501.334) metric tons of HFO was discharged from the ship but the fuel depot just recorded one thousand four hundred and thirty decimal four six nine (1,430.469) metric tons, as received.

Based on the fact that the difference between the quantities pumped by the ship and the amount received by the depot was roughly seventy decimal eight six five (70.865) metric tons, which approximately translate to seventy thousand eight hundred and sixty five (70, 865) liters, it is therefore assumed that the oil spill spotted in the area is from this discharge.

Our initial assessment had further determined that the oil spill is caused by a ruptured submerged pipe through which the HFO was discharged to the shore tank of Gam Petroleum.

The public is hereby informed that GMA, NEA, MOPE, PURA, GPA and other relevant stakeholders are aware of the incident and necessary actions are being taken to address the situation. We indulge the support and cooperation of the general public while this unprecedented situation is being addressed appropriately.



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