The Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources (MECCNAR) under the Central Project Coordination Unit CPCU with support from the Large Scale Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) Project recently conducted a nationwide tour to visit key project intervention sites being implemented by EbA Project.

The Minister and delegation visited key project intervention sites by EbA Project with implementing partners the department of forestry the sites visited were Wellingara Baa Nursery Forest Station LRR, YBK Nursery Forest Station CRR South, Kunkilling Eco-Tourism Lodge CRR South, and Limbanbuloo Community Forest URR.

The Nationwide tour comprises the Honorable Minister of Environment and senior staffs of MECCNAR and the Project Steering Committee members of EbA Project the purpose of the tour was to supervised and monitor project intervention areas that are currently being implemented.

During the first day of the tour, the team visited Kiang West National Park under the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The Kiang West National Park is being transformed into a joint venture  Public-Private Partnership with a charitable organization based in the UK called Aspinall Foundation.

The initiative will transform the park into a Nature Camp by bringing wild animals like elephants. The park will be fenced with funding from Social Security and other interventions by EbA Project.

The team also visited Mangrove Restoration sites at Brikamading which was funded by Nema Chosso being implemented by the Dept of Parks and Wildlife and Community Development Organization called Sahel Wetlands Concern.

During the tour, the technical adviser at MECCNAR Mr. Wuri Jallow said that the tour will guide him to refresh and have knowledge about the ministry and know about projects being implemented but I prevailed and impressed by what I have seen so far especially Kiang West National Park by restoring more trees and protecting the park by fencing it which is a huge tasked and attracting foreign direct investment which will boost the tourism sector.

Mr. Jallow added that Various forestry sub-stations being constructed by the project are first of their kind and it's a huge success but the project should engaged forestry staff for technical advice in supervising nursery management sites.

The Director of CPCU Mr. Babucarr Zaidi Jallow speaking during the tour said Women involved in gardening are facing challenges especially lack water and proper equipment.CPCU is making observations and will come up with initiatives to address those constraints and design projects which will have an impact on forestry communities.


By: Isatou Jawara
     Information Officer