The Minister of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources Hon Rohey John Manjang kicks off a six-day nationwide familiarization tour that will enable the Minister to visit regional forestry stations and various project intervention sites in NBR, LRR, CRR, and URR. The Honorable Minister was accompanied by the Permanent Secretary Mr. Lamin Sanneh DPS Technical Baboucarr Zaidi Jallow, Director of Forestry Mr. Muhammed Jaiteh, Project Manager EbA and other senior officials from Depts and Agencies.

The Nationwide familiarization tour will enable the Minister to interact with various staff under the Ministry to understand the role and function of the depts and agencies. As part of the familiarization, the Minister will visit project intervention sites including meetings with regional forestry staff meet various agro forestry farmers supported by projects to encourage massive restoration.

First Day of the Nationwide Tour, The Honorable Minister and delegation visited Essau Community Women where more than 300 Women benefited from Cooking Stoves funded by ERDP Project through UNDP. The Essay Women thank the Ministry through the ERDP Project for this important initiative for the community to gain low-cost energy which is part of reducing poverty and low-cost energy consumption.

The delegations later proceed to Bassick Niumi Community Forest. The Community Forest has successfully income-generated activities through Enterprise Forestry Products with Honey Production and processing of local forestry products.