Hon. Minister of MECCNAR and FAO Rep. Country Wide Tour

The Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources embarked on a joint country wide tour with FAO from 23rd - 26th  April 2018. The tour, which is a periodic activity of the Ministry, was aimed at obtaining first-hand information of the projects and programs of the Ministry. It was also aimed at sensitizing the local authorities on the new forest legislation (Forest Act 2018) and the Forest Policy.

The Hon. Lamin B. Dibba and FAO Resident Rep were accompanied by the staff of both the Ministry and her line departments/ Agency and FAO.

The tour took the entourage to Bakindik Community Forest Park in Niumi, which was reported to have registered remarkable progress in community forest management.

The tour party later visited a new forest station being constructed in Juffereh. This new station, according to Mr. Cherno Gaye the representative of the Director of Forestry, is to provide both office and accommodation to the forest staff at that area.

The next stop of the entourage was Kuntaya, where a new station has been built by the Department of Parks Widlife Management under Protected Area Network (PAN) Project.

From Kuntaya station the entourage visited Jokadu Aquaculture site which is funded by UNDP/ GEF Project. The object of the project is to train local farmers on how to raise their own fish and harvest them.

The Hon. Dibba and entourage left for NBR Governor’s office for a courtesy call and they were received upon arrival by the representative of Governor, chiefs, alkalos and their wives in that region.

The entourage made a brief stop at the newly construted Kerewan Regional Office for the Department of Parks Widlife Management which was also constructed under the support of the PAN project.

At Dobo Forest Park, the Hon. Minister and tour party lamented the serious degraded state of the Dobo Forest Park and resolve to take measures to restore it.

The entourage headed to a garden belonging to Illiasa women. UNDP /GEF Project under NEA supported the women by digging a borehole, which is solar powered..

The entourage proceeded to Jarumeh Kuta from Illiasa women's garden where a meeting late at due to delay in Kerewan Governor’s Office.

A nursery site (dry land project) was also visited by the Hon. Minister and entourage at Jarumeh Koto.

Day 2 of the tour commenced with a courtesy call on Governor Sulayman Barry. The Governor and his staff welcomed the Hon. Minister and his entourage.

The entourage later left for YBK from the Governor Barry’s office to visit a nursery site.

The party made a brief stop at Kasan Forest Park in CRR, where the Ministry is working with some partners to engage in some ecotourism.

The entourage proceeded to Timber logs landing site (URR) where confiscated timbers are kept.

On day three of the tour, the entourage first visited Sare Fordigeh (URR) North where a new forest station is under construction. The Hon. Minister and entourage where welcomed by the village alkalo and his people.

From Sare Fordigeh the entourage drove to LRR Governor's office to pay a courtesy call on her. The Governor on her part welcomed and thanked them for the courtesy call and said it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The entourage left the Governor's office for Tendaba (LRR) where Coastal Resilience Project has done some remarkable in reclamation.

The next stop from Tendaba is Foni Berefet, where one of the oldest and first community forests was found with an ecotourism camp. The camp was built by the villagers themselves using wood from the forest.

From Tendaba the entourage proceeded to Manduary to inspect the ongoing construction of the forest station. The entourage was amazed by the speed at which they were going as well as the quality of the buildings.

  • Day 4 of the tour took the Hon. Minister and entourage to Senegambia /Kuto Strip where UNDP /GEF Coastal Residence was carrying out some major works to prevent coastal erosion of the beach.
  • From Senegambia to a Private Forest called Eco Forest Resort in Tujureh. According to him the proprietor, he intend to be dealing mainly with birds spices than wildlife because he wants to do something touristic with the park. 
  • From the private forest Hon. Dibba and entourage proceeded to a community forest in Tanji. The forest belongs to a particular clan called Moroukunda kabilo of the village. They were advice to update their management plan and establish a management committee.
  • The next stop is at Kafabita Forest Park, where some encroachments are going on. People are building houses and a Chinese Company by the name Infinite New Energy is also constructed within the Forest Park.
  • The entourage left for Makasutu West Coast Region from Kabafita Forest Park where a horse and donkey hospital has been establish by Horse and Donkey Trust. The entourage witnessed the operation of a donkey and were very impressed by the treatment given to donkeys and horses.